Fort Dunree / Inishowen Friends of Messines WW1 Armistice Commemoration
Saturday 11th November 2.30pm at Fort Dunree

In August 1914 ,one hundred and three years ago, the world was plunged into yet another European war which was shortly to become a world war, the Great war, the war to end all wars, the First World War. As it progressed ,it brought with it new and devastating technologies and the armies became more and more expert in killing each other. While the war was fought in many theatres across the globe it was most chillingly known by the “western front” that 500mile long trench line that wove its way from the Belgian coast through France to Switzerland. For four years the British and  allied armies faced the German and central powers armies across no mans land in deadly pursuit to push each other east or west. Men ,machines and mud combined into an ever growing cauldron of death and destruction, which decimated a generation of youth in its path until an end was brought about by the armistice of 11th of November 1918 at 11.00am when all hostilities finally ceased.

In recognition of that armistice and all that had gone before it, the Inishowen Friends of Messines IFOM, will hold its armistice commemoration for the men and women of Inishowen who went off to war and never came home, on Saturday November 11th  at 2.30pm at Fort Dunree. Some 1500 people from the Inishowen peninsula went to war between 1914 and 1918, and almost 250 of them, whose names are cited on our Memorial at Fort Dunree, never returned.



Fort Dunree /IFOM  extend a warm invitation to everyone with an interest to come along to this event

Refreshments will be served in the Saldhana suite following the ceremony