Friday 7th April 2017 at 7.00 pm

Fair City’s Mick Nolan will open a new exhibition by London artist Dennis Colverson at Fort Dunree on Friday 7th April. ‘InishowenThe Beautiful and Rugged Donegal Peninsula’ is a collection of paintings inspired by the Inishowen peninsula. This is the third time that Fort Dunree has hosted a showing of paintings by Dennis, the first was ten years ago in 2007,  the first exhibition to go on display in the Saldanha Suite.

The London-based artist is a regular visitor to the peninsula, as his daughter Jane Breen lives in Carndonagh. Although Dennis is better known in England as a painter of portraits, he says he was so captivated by the scenery of Inishowen that he had to turn his hand to landscape. “When producing in art form the spectacular views Inishowen has to offer, no artist could fail to appreciate the natural beauty and breathtaking scenery of this Donegal peninsula, and so it was for me. It has been a privilege spending ten years painting this wonderful diverse landscape. The challenge and excitement I felt by the changing weather, light and colour added to my pleasure when preparing work for this exhibition. Mick Nolan, who plays Ray O’Connell is the RTE soap, and his partner, Carol Anne Lowe, have been friends with Denis and his wife Patricia for twenty years. They all met up when Dennis gave Carol Anne, who is also a well-known opera singer, a portrait he had painted of her. The couple are frequent visitors to Carndonagh when the Colverson’s are in town.

The Exhibition opening is in the Saldanha Suite on Friday 7th April at 7.00pm – 10.00pm, it runs until 14th July.